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  • Are you being kept up at night?
  • Have you heard footsteps in the house when you're alone?
  • Is you life filled with serendipitous events?
  • ​Have you heard your name being called but nobody is around?

If you have answered YES to any of the above questions then this FREE webinar is for YOU!

• JOIN US FOR THIS RARE OPPORTUNITY to discuss the benefits of spirit communication •
Meet Your Host Sandie Byrne
I'm from Tipperary in Ireland and am descended from generations of Psychics and Mediums from both sides of my family.  My Grandmother and both Great Grandmothers were well known readers.  Born into a family of readers it's no surprise that I was seeing and communicating with spirit from a very young age.  It wasn't long before people began to seek me out to help them to get closure after death or life changing events.  This in turn helped them move beyond grief, hurt and confusion.

For years I have been sharing my abilities with people across many countries and continents and I have managed to build my reputation as one of the top Psychic Mediums of my generation.  I am proud to have even been compared to the famous and world renowned Irish Psychic Medium Eileen Garrett.

As well as providing meaningful and emotional reconnections with your loved ones in Spirit, I also give indepth Psychic readings to assist people who are looking to reassess their path in life.  More recently I have launched a program of training courses to encourage others to develop their own abilities.

My Psychic and Mediumistic abilities are just tools to help you realize your purpose and Move Beyond the grief and hurt to create a powerful new direction that fulfils your desires and dreams. But why?

Why is it important that you develop your ability to connect with the spirit world?  What do we gain from it?  Why is it more than just entertainment?  Join me on this FREE webinar to find out.
During this Free event, You'll Discover...
Secret #1
Discover how each of us was born with an ability to connect with Spirit.  However, like learning a new language it takes time and practice to perfect it. 
Secret #2
Why we don't need a medium to control the energy around us.  We can do this ourselves in order to eliminate worry and uncertainty from our everyday lives.
Secret #3
You will be so surprised when I show you how receiving direct signs from the spirit world can help give us clarity around life decisions and family issues.
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